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Wellness Santa Resort and Santa Beach Hotel are located on the beach of Neoi Epivates in the municipality of Thermaikos, Thessaloniki.

The shopping centre of Peraia, one of the most developed suburbs of Thessaloniki with markets, banks, post office, bowling centre, gyms, and more is just 2.5 km away. The centre of Thessaloniki is just 20 km away and the Macedonia Airport, the Hyatt Regency Casino and the Inter-Balkan Medical and Diagnostic Centre are 9 km away.

Guests arriving from Thessaloniki can easily reach Santa Beach Hotel by following the direction to Macedonia Airport, continuing with Thessaloniki – Michaniona Avenue, crossing the lanterns of Peraia and Neoi Epivates and then by turning right in about 1 km.


While staying at Santa Hotels, you can easily access the archaeological sites of Vergina, the Petralona Cave, and the monasteries of Mount Athos.

You can also easily reach Thessaloniki where you can visit the White Tower, the Archaeological Museum, the Rotunda, the Macedonian Struggle Museum, and other exciting sights.

Santa Hotels

Santa Hotel 

Dear Visitors



We regret to inform you that due to the Covid-19 incident the hotel SANTA BEACH 4 STAR will remain closed


We would like to inform you that the hotel WELLNESS SANTA RESORT 5 STAR will remain open as all precautionary measures have been taken according to international safety standards.


For every customer that has already made a reservation at the SANTA HOTEL 4 STAR, we verify that your bookings are confirmed. There was a need for adjustment and so all visitors will be transferred at WELLNESS SANTA RESORT 5 STAR instead.


Stay safe and enjoy your stay at  WELLNESS SANTA RESORT 5 STAR.